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The 10 Most Dog-Friendly Companies of 2019

    Working With Fido

    A growing number of companies is allowing its workforce to bring dogs to the office.

    (Published Friday, Aug. 17, 2018)

    Tech companies are well-known for using lavish office perks to attract millennial talent, and their bring-your-pet-to-work policies are catching on in other industries.

    The benefits back them up. According to job site Glassdoor, bringing your dog to work offers not only stress relief and work-life balance for owners, but promotes collaboration, employee wellness, and retention and recruiting throughout the office.

    Rover, an online platform for finding pet sitters and dog walkers, has released a ranking of the most dog-friendly companies. If you’d like to work somewhere where any day can be Take Your Dog To Work Day, consider one of these 10 employers:

    10. Uber 
    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

    Uber is known for its many office perks, including wine on tap, but one that stands out is unlimited PTO that allows new dog owners to train at home before bringing their pet to the office – where dog beds are scattered to allow pups to lounge around.

    9. Ceros
    Headquarters: New York, NY

    The software company produces an annual Dogs of Ceros calendar, and also offers partial pet insurance coverage.

    8. Zogics
    Headquarters: Lenox, MA

    The fitness equipment wholesaler has adopted a “pawternity” policy, which includes a $200 pet store gift card, one extra week of PTO, and a lifetime supply of Zogics pet shampoo (the gym equipment company also produces its own pet care line).

    Company Offers 'Fur-ternity' Leave for New Pet OwnersCompany Offers 'Fur-ternity' Leave for New Pet Owners

    Connor McCarthy adopted a Goldendoodle named Bentley in May, and wanted to help his puppy settle into his new home. He says he discussed the possibility of making adjustments to his schedule with this supervisor so that he could work and spend time with Bentley. This request lead to a change in the company's policy, allowing new pet owners to work from home for one week to bond with their "fur-baby."  KARE's Adrienne Broadus reports.

    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018)

    7. Petco Animal Supplies
    Headquarters: San Diego, CA

    Naturally, a pet retailer like Petco allows dogs – and all employee pets – in the office as well as product discounts for those employees who adopt.

    6. Nestle Purina Petcare
    Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

    The company holds the world record for most pets in an office at one time. Dogs are more than welcome at the corporate campus, which includes a dog park. A $250 stipend is awarded per adoption, making it easier for employees to become pet owners.

    5. Airbnb
    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

    Just like their two-legged owners, dogs at Airbnb are given their own “employee” badges to scan in every day, and show up in the company’s internal database.

    4. Petsmart
    Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

    Not only are dogs allowed in the office, but they have a designated area to play with their owners. Petsmart also provides partial pet insurance coverage.

    3. Trupanion
    Headquarters: Seattle, WA

    Pet insurance provider Trupanion offers its employee dog owners pet insurance as well as days off for pet bereavement. The company even has its own in-house dog walker.

    2. Procore Technologies
    Headquarters: Carpinteria, CA

    The construction project management software company goes so far as to throw its office dogs happy hours — called “pawties.” A Slack channel devoted to “furry-friends” keeps employees happy throughout the day with photos of pups.

    1. Amazon
    Headquarters: Seattle, WA

    The e-commerce giant has an on-campus dog park, 17th-floor doggie deck and complimentary poop bags and treats to maintain its 6,000 registered dogs. On Halloween, the company hosts an annual “Barktoberfest, ” and on any given workday, the canine employees report to their own boss, Amazon’s “Woof Pack” Manager Lara Hirschfield.

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