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Sarah Jessica Parker adopts Carrie Bradshaw’s cat from ‘And Just Like That’

The fuzzy feline is named Shoe in the show

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Cat's out of the bag!

Sarah Jessica Parker is channeling Carrie Bradshaw IRL after adopting the kitten featured in "And Just Like That's" second season.

"His off-camera name is Lotus," Parker wrote in an Aug. 29 Instagram. "He and his siblings were all given botanical names when they were rescued as newborns by the @cthumanesociety."

She cheekily added, "If he looks familiar, that's because he is."

The "Sex and the City" alum noted that she and husband Matthew Broderick officially adopted the kitten in April, joining their other fur babies, Rémy and Smila.

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As for how Parker and Lotus became inseparable? In the "SATC" revival series, the fuzzy feline — who is named Shoe in the show — becomes Carrie's pet after Che Diaz (played by Sara Ramírez) brings the kitten over to the fashionista's apartment.

And it's likely Lotus will continue to showcase his acting chops, as HBO recently confirmed another season of "And Just Like That" is underway.

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"We are thrilled to spend more time in the Sex And The City universe," creator Michael Patrick King said in a statement Aug. 22, "telling new stories about the lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these amazing actors."

And naturally, with season three on the horizon, fans couldn't help but wonder if Kim Cattrall would return again as Samantha Jones after she briefly made a cameo in the season two finale. However, according to the actress, there are no plans for a recurring role on "And Just Like That."

"This is as far as I'm gonna go," she told the Today show in June. "I don't think I'll ever say goodbye to Samantha. She's like a lot of other characters that I've done over the years. I get very emotionally attached and protective of my characters. She gave me so much and I'm so appreciative of her."

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