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National Dog Day: Watch Chris Evans play with the cutest rescue pups

Dog dad Chris Evans is raising awareness about sheltered dogs and adoption.

Chris Evans found the cutest way to help kick off National Dog Day.

Prior to the annual celebration of pups on Aug. 26, Evans stopped by the Animal Haven in New York to tour the kennels and play with some of the dogs.

There, Evans met with Animal Haven’s executive director, Tiffany A. Lacey and learned all about the animals at the shelter.

"There are literally thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted all across the country, just like my dog, Dodger," he said in a video that the premium dog wellness brand Jinx shared on YouTube.

In the clip, Evans, who is a huge advocate for pet adoption, was spotted playing with some of the pooches, including one named Humphrey, another that hailed from Puerto Rico, and one who used a small dog wheelchair.

The "Avengers" star was also seen giving one of the dogs a tummy rub and then getting kisses from a litter of pups.

Chris Evans gives the best tummy rubs! Credit: YouTube

"Any of the dogs that we met today that get adopted, Jinx is going to donate a year's worth of dog food," he said.

How did National Dog Day start?

National Dog Day started in 2004 when pet lover Colleen Paige wanted to raise awareness about sheltered dogs. It became popularized when people from around the world soon caught on and started celebrating the pet-centered day also noted as International Dog Day.

If you're not quite the dog lover, Paige is also the founder of National Cat Day, which is celebrated on Oct. 29, and National Pet Day, which is observed on April 11.

When is National Dog Day celebrated?

National Dog Day is observed every year on Aug. 26, the day when Paige’s family adopted their first rescue dog “Sheltie” from a local animal shelter, when she was 10 years old. The special day celebrates the beloved animal and pet while also honoring the different roles that they have played in society from working dogs to assistance pets.

The day is often marked with special events and activities for pet lovers who want to show their pooch some extra love.

What should I know before adopting a dog?

If National Dog Day has sparked your interest in adopting a dog, then below are a few things to know before bringing home a new pooch, according to The New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

1) Make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible in your new house. To do this, it's recommended that you carefully introduce your new pet to any existing pets you may have. Think about your pet's temperament and their history at previous homes. It's also advised that potential pet owners consult a pet adoption counselor if they have questions.

2) Introduce your new animal friend into your household slowly. Give them a chance to make themselves feel at home before leaving them alone for a long period of time.

3) Make sure you know if your dog is children-friendly. Does your dog like being around children? Some animals may be fearful of loud noises and sudden movements, which may be common actions among young children.

4) Make sure your house is pet-friendly. Prep your house for your new pet, such as locking your trash cans, putting away any hazardous cleaning products or items of interest that you don't want to get wrecked and any medicine that might make your dog sick.

5) Make sure you have what you'll need for a dog. Some of the basic dog supplies to have are: a bed, a feeding and water bowl, a collar and leash and a few safe toys that the dog can play with.

6) Be patient with your dog. It will take them some time to adapt to a new schedule and a new home.

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