7 foods to keep away from your dog

Avoiding these foods can contribute to a longer, happier life for your furry friend.

Our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts, and it’s only natural to want to treat them to a taste of our favorite foods. However, not everything safe for humans is safe for our canine companions. 

Beyond the notorious chocolate threat, there are a handful of foods that can seriously compromise your dog’s health. 

Here’s a list of foods you should keep out of reach from your dog’s plate to ensure their well-being:

1. Citrus Fruit

Large doses of citric acid can lead to irritation and, in severe cases, may even cause nervous system depression.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil may have its benefits, but consuming too much can result in an upset stomach for dogs.

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3. Dairy products

Dogs do not have a significant amount of lactase, which prevents them from effectively digesting lactose.

Dogs lack a significant amount of lactase, the enzyme needed to digest lactose. Consuming dairy products can lead to digestive upset. 

4. Raw meat

Raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and E. coli, which are detrimental to both humans and dogs. 

Steer clear of this potential health hazard by ensuring your dog’s meat is thoroughly cooked. 

5. Cinnamon

As surprising as it sounds, cinnamon can cause various issues for dogs. It has the potential to irritate their mouths and make them sick. 

In more severe cases, it might lead to breathing difficulties, coughing, choking, liver disease, and even low blood sugar levels.

6. Onion

Onion consumption can lead to gastrointestinal irritation and blood cell damage.

While cats are more susceptible, dogs are also at risk if large amounts are consumed. 


7. Avocado

Though a popular superfood for humans, avocados can pose a serious risk to dogs.

Avocado consumption can lead to cardiovascular problems for dogs. 

While it can be tempting to share our favorite foods with our furry companions, it’s crucial to prioritize their health and safety by being mindful of what they consume. 

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