6 Tiny Cat Breeds That Are Hard to Resist

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Quiet and friendly, the Scottish fold cat weighs about 9 pounds and needs only a moderate amount of attention. These cats are generally healthy and make great family pets.
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At just 6 pounds, the Cornish rex cat is one of the tiniest breeds. These cats are quiet, low maintenance and good with people. They live to be about 12 years old.
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The Singapura cat is a quiet, playful breed that needs lots of attention. These cats weigh about 6 pounds and live an average of 13 years.
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Adult American curl cats weigh no more than 10 pounds. These cats, named for the distinctive shape of their ears, enjoy lots of activity and attention.
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The Devon rex cat weighs between 8 and 10 pounds and lives for about 13 years. This friendly, lively breed requires regular grooming and lots of attention.
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Munchkin cats are short on legs and big on personality. These small felines weigh between 6-9 pounds. And while considered a "dwarf" cat breed, munchkin cats fit all other size indicators of a normal adult-sized cat, except for their legs.
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