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Breed Quiz: What Kind of Dog is Best for Your Lifestyle?

    There are a million reasons why people love dogs. They make great companions, provide a slew of the health benefits and love unconditionally.

    Yet, there are lots of valid reasons why some people opt out of bringing home a furry friend. From cramped living quarters, to allergies, to busy work schedules and social lives, caring for a dog is a huge commitment, so it’s important to make sure your lifestyle is compatible with your four-legged friend’s.

    Fortunately, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, personality traits and energy levels, and chances are there’s a pup who’s right for you.

    Use the filter above to see what kind of dog could potentially match your lifestyle:

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    People magazine's pet vet Dr. Evan Antin provides tips for adopting shelter animals ahead of the fourth annual Clear the Shelters event on Aug. 18. Antin's checklist includes lifestyle consideration and breed types.

    (Published Wednesday, June 13, 2018)