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People Are Falling in Love With This Mustached Puppy

    People Are Falling in Love With This Mustached Puppy
    Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue

    Photos of a 5-week-old puppy from Dallas are going viral, thanks to her unique look.

    Salvador Dolly is capturing a lot of attention around the country due to her adorable mustache that makes her look a lot like Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

    Five-week-old puppy Salvador Dolly bears a striking resemblance to the Spanish painter Salvador Dali.
    Photo credit: Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue & The Associated Press

    Dolly was one in a litter of 11 puppies cared for by Dallas Animal Services and eventually Hearts & Bones rescue group.

    Currently, Dolly, her siblings and her mother are living with a foster family in Dallas. To donate to the puppies, click here.

    The pups are relaxing in a comfortable and safe home, while getting medical care and being monitored until they are old enough to be weaned (they're still nursing). Hearts & Bones also has a location in New York City and will transport the puppies there in about a month.

    Anyone interested in adopting Dolly, her litter mates or her mom, can apply here.