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NY Woman Reunited With Missing Cat After 11 Years

    Cat Returns to NY Family After Missing for Eleven Years

    The family was shocked to discover that their beloved tabby cat had been living only about two miles away. Even stranger — the woman who found the cat had been a co-worker of one of the cat's owners years ago. NBC 4 New York's Stacey Bell reports.

    (Published Friday, Aug. 23, 2019)

    This reunion between a Dutchess County woman and her pet was 11 years in the making − and it took years of dedication from a SPCA staff member to make it happen.

    Dutchess County SPCA staff Carol O'Connell reunited Maggie with her missing cat, Tiger, on Thursday after she spent three years trying to earn the trust of the stray cat who had been coming by her home every now and again, the animal organization said.

    O'Connell borrowed a micro-chip scanner from the shelter, used it on the cat and discovered that Tiger wasn't always a stray cat. She found that the feline was registered to Maggie, who had not seen her pet since he was 3 years old.

    Now at 14 years old, Tiger was returned to his family.

    "He was in remarkably good shape for having been on the streets that long," Dutchess County SPCA said in statement.